VTN Europe S.p.A.

Italian designed and manufactured demolition and recycling products. Family owned for almost 50 years, VTN shares GEM Attachments' passion for high quality product and a customer-focused way of doing business.


Partnering with VTN was a simple decision for GEM Attachments because VTN's product is designed and manufactured to do what you expect out of your demolition, scrap, and recycling attachments. 

Hardox® In My Body Member

VTN products essentially consist of HARDOX & STRENX, two important brands of the Swedish group SSAB.

The application of Hardox leads to an improvement in the life when compared to mild steel. The application of Strenx improves welding and machining in general and also provides greater toughness. Hardox and Strenx are well-renown as the best steels thanks to their high abrasion resistance and excellent mechanical featuring.

They offer a unique combination of hardness and durability. These qualities result in lightweight, intelligent-made structures with a long service life.

Available VTN Products

As the North American distributor for VTN product we have access to VTN's entire line including products for Demolition, Scrap, Recycling, Material Handling, and Forestry. 

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