Excavator Couplers

Maintaining high-level safety features, we offer two versions: machine-specific that matches OEM linkage specifications and a multi-pin coupler that allows the coupler to pick up multiple pin spread dimensions within a machine weight class.

Reliable Construction

GEM Attachments fabricates each excavator coupler in its Ohio facility using strong and wear-resistant steel throughout the coupler. Heavy-duty cylinders and other components ensure each coupler is designed to exceed expectations in all machine size classes and applications.


Each style of excavator coupler is designed with a single priority: to keep the job site safe. Our LatchLoc and the multi-pin LatchLoc couplers each feature the following safety designs and components:

  • Primary rear lock that's visible from the cab when in the full-curl position
  • Automatic front secondary lock
  • Unlock in the full-curl position only
  • Electronic control box with a light and alarm when in the unlock position

Available GEM Excavator Couplers

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