Wheel Loader Couplers

Get high-quality couplers that are built to last as long as your wheel loader machines. By employing materials and manufacturing processes that are superior to most industry standards, GEM Attachments makes rugged couplers that stand the test of time.

Reliable Construction

Designing and building wheel loader couplers for almost 30 years has taught us what works and what doesn't. At GEM Attachments, we manufacture our wheel loader couplers to offer reinforced box sections that prevent fatigue. A thicker-than-normal main plate prevents flexing during heavy usage, while full-length bottom runners minimize main plate deflection. For added strength and durability, we use thickened cross tubes along with gusseted tilt ribs.


Our hydraulic couplers are designed to interchange with major coupler systems, like JRB 416-420, CAT IT, CAT Balderson, JCB Q-Fit and ISO. The standard four-point pick-up system:

  • Streamlines stress loads through the loader
  • Creates seamless coupling and uncoupling transitions on uneven terrain
  • Is designed for heavy-duty production applications that require minimal downtime and machines to be run two to three shifts per day


Available GEM Wheel Loader Quick Couplers

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