Holms PH Pick-Up Sweeper

Reliable and easy-to-use Pick-up Sweeper for larger wheel loaders and tractors.

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Features & Benefits of
Holms PH Pick-up Sweeper

The Holms PH Pick-up Sweeper offers several design features that ensure the job gets done as efficiently as possible.

Self Adjusting Suspension

The floating gate design means that the attachment and the brush always follow the surface. This provides minimal brush wear and compliance with slopes and irregularities.
> The sweeping result is improved further thanks to the brush core being supported on link arms that give the brush exactly the right ground pressure in all positions.
> Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.


> Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH comes as standard equipped with two strong, direct-acting hydraulic motors.
> The motors are mounted behind thick end plates and give the sweeping roller a stronger torque with more power to the ground.
> The sweeping container is equipped with anti-slip protection made of Hardox steel.
> The brush can be equipped with two different types of brushes for different areas of use. Choose poly or wire/poly to customize your sweeper.
> Water tank and flush pipe included as standard.
> Side brush is optional and can be mounted on the left or right.

Dust Elimination

> Dustbuster is an accessory to eliminate the amount of dust when sweeping. The technology is based on a system with a water mist that binds the dust behind dense rubber cloths. Cleaner air and better working environment.
> Water mist binds the dust and the Dustbuster has a design where dust and debris are brushed up by brushes in a container behind tight rubber sheets.
> When the sweeper is equipped with the Dustbuster kit, it can be used indoors, like in a warehouse.
> When sweeping takes place behind dense rubber sheets, the noise level drops. The values for the Dustbuster have been measured at a low 79dB 6 feet from the machine.

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