Holms PV V-Plow

The new Holms PV folding plow is designed for snow removal in urban environments.

Built to Order

Features & Benefits of
Holms PV V-Plow

The Holms PV V-Plow offers several design features that ensure the job gets done as efficiently as possible.


> With the help of Holms Floatarm™ you change the ground pressure during plowing by tilting.
> Tilt forward for increased ground pressure when it is icy and the ground is hard. Tilt backwards for low ground pressure when the ground is soft.
> By adjusting the pressure while driving you save cutting edge steel, reduce fuel consumption and spare the surface.
> When our Holms PV is equipped with Holms Floatarm™, the plow has the ability of "Double Pendulation". This means that the snowblade moves both vertically and horizontally. This reduces the risk of side throws and skidding. It also contributes to a smoother ride.


> Tested design - Longer service life
Holms V Snow Plow PV is a snowplow designed to be used year after year. As standard, several protective features are built into the implement to secure vital parts in the event of a collision with a street curb or large, heavy object like a big stone. Hydraulic shock valves and resilient butting brackets also protect against damage. The shock valve is connected to a pressure accumulator that doesn´t require a return line.
> Individually adjustable plow blades
With a V-Snowplow you can set the plow blades however you want. Choose to place the plow in a wedge, Y or diagonal shape.
>Electro hydraulic selector valve
If your loader lacks two double-acting hydraulic outlets, it is possible to use an electric hydraulic selector valve to control the snow blade.

Built For The Operator

> Holms Diagonal Snow Plow PD is delivered tested and approved "ready for work" from the factory in Motala , Sweden.
> Mounting bracket
When ordering an Holms V Snow Plow, a bracket is included. The standard bracket is welded for extra durability. Holms offers the choice of multiple bracket configurations.
>Steel, ice or rubber cutting edges
The plow is delivered as standard with a bent steel cutting edge. The plow can also be equipped with ice cutting edges or rubber edges.
> Support wheels or sliding discs
We offer the opportunity to add support wheels or sliding discs to our snow plows. Both are adjustable with cranks. For even better compliance, especially on soft, uneven surfaces, choose support wheels. By adding wheels, you save cuttings edges and get a much quieter ride. With sliding discs the ground pressure is reduced so the snow plow slides better on uneven ground or rough roads.

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