Holms SL Angle Sweeper

From Sweden comes proven sweeper technology in the form of a smaller, standard-duty sweeper with the power to get the job done.

Built to Order

Features & Benefits of
Holms SL Angle Sweeper

The Holms SL Angle Sweeper offers several design features that ensure the job gets done as efficiently as possible.

Self Adjusting Suspension

> The sweeper follows the ground with minimal adjustments from the operator thanks to the support of our unique spring system.
> The sweeper can thus move freely in a horizontal position with minimal adjustment.
>The two long springs provide a suspension path with unchanged and even ground pressure.
> No support wheels are needed.
> Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.


>Holms Angle Sweeper SL comes equipped as standard with two strong, direct-acting hydraulic motors.
> The motors are mounted behind thick endplates and give the sweeper a stronger torque with more power to the ground.
>The entire sweeper can mechanically or hydraulically turn 30 degrees to splash gravel and debris to the side.
>The brush can be equipped with two different types of brushes for different areas of use. Choose poly or wire/poly to customize your sweeper.

Built For The Operator

> We simply say that the Holms Angle Sweeper SL is the smaller sibling to Holms' other sweepers.
> Holms' sweepers are based on reuse of parts and functions we know work well over time and in operation.
> Holms Sweeper Light is thus also designed for "Everyday use" and like all attachments from Holms, it is delivered "Ready to use" from the factory, with the right bracket and hydraulic couplings.

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